Dominic Scott


Modiano Market is reborn as a modern food market that retains its old glamor and timeless spirit.
A real paradise for food lovers, a multicultural market of high-quality food that will bring together unique flavors and products from all over the world, from essentials to certified organic products and from local Greek products to fair trade and traditional products from various countries around the world.

Modiano Market, the “Central Food Market of Thessaloniki,” is not only the largest and most modern covered market but also a social gathering place for interaction and cultural activities. A meeting point that reflects the city’s cultural dynamics.
In terms of architectural interventions, the ground floor will host around 75 shops, divided into groups according to the type of food they offer. In the north and south of the Modiano Market, the two balconies will be occupied by catering outlets.

Dominic Scott


The project aims to restore the monument of the Modiano Market using modern building technology. The city’s largest and most beautiful covered market is revived and offers all residents and visitors the unique experience of Thessaloniki’s gastronomic culture.
The final result combines modern shops with vegetables, meats, seafood, and fish from local and international producers and a variety of ready meal ideas.
Modiano Market is once again becoming the living landmark of Thessaloniki, as started by its founder, Eli Modiano, in 1930 and continued by Fais Group.

Dominic Scott


Modiano Market’s mission is to offer its visitors fine Greek and multicultural flavors in a unique environment of high architectural aesthetics and historical significance where the traditional blends with the modern and reflects Thessaloniki’s gastronomic wealth and cultural dynamics.